Keto vs Fasting: Which Diet is Better For Your Lifestyle: Thomas DeLauer

Which Diet is For Your Life? Busy Person? Desk Job or Active Job?

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Keto vs Fasting: Which Diet is Better For Your Lifestyle: Thomas DeLauer


Weight Loss and Insulin

In ketosis, body becomes deprived of glucose and turns to burning fat for fuel

When we eat little foods that supply us with carbs, we release less insulin – w/ less insulin the body doesn’t store extra energy in the form of fat for later use

Intermittent fasting has been found to decrease blood levels of insulin

In a fed state, insulin is elevated so you store excess calories in fat cells. In the presence of insulin, the burning of fat is halted, while the body burns glucose instead

In a fasted state, insulin is low. the body starts mobilizing stored body fat from your fat cells and burning this fat for energy (instead of glucose)

Constantly eating keeps your insulin spiked, which slows your metabolism


Acute fasting directly influences the stability of neuronal circuits, wiring that dictates the flow of information in the brain and nervous system.

The cellular stress and lack of nutrition, due to fasting, blocks the synaptic activity of neurons that normally occurs in the brain, brain slows down

Sounds bad, but may be beneficial for brain health -overactive synaptic activity has been associated with diseases like Parkinson's, Alzheimer's


Lifestyle vs. Diet

Fasting is more to do with When you eat and ketosis is more to do with What you eat

I.F. can be utilized everyday, or a couple times per week, more of a “diet” while ketosis is more of a lifestyle

In a ketogenic state, it is critical that you do not consume too many carbs, or protein – a state that must be carefully maintained

Fasting can be as easy as not “doing” something and you can enter a fasted state by simply not eating for 16-20 hours – it takes a bit longer to enter a ketogenic state

With fasting you will likely still consume the same foods you have always done, albeit, less and later in the day

Ketosis requires you to change what you buy and consume, since most people aren’t accustomed to having 75% of their diet consist of fats and only 5% carbs


4 calories in a gram of carbohydrate or protein
9 calories in a gram of fat

On a ketogenic diet people usually eat less – fat is a lot more satiating than carbs

While fasting, consuming all your calories at the end of the day, makes you feel satiated quicker → eat less

Fasting can be a struggle – can struggle to go 16-20 hours without eating



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