Complete Glute Workout | Best Exercises for Glutes

Complete glute workout that covers many functions of the 3 glute muscles. Your hamstrings will also be worked to a great extent. Routine and more details ➞

0:50 Side Glute Raise: 2 x 20 repetitions
1:15 Front Glute Raise: 2 x 20 repetitions
1:40 Glute Kickback: 2 x 20 repetitions

2:14 Jefferson Deadlift: 2 x 10-20 repetitions
2:50 Hip Thrust: 2 x 20 repetitions
3:25 Single Leg Hip Thrust: 2 x 10-20 repetitions
4:00 Elevated Glute Bridge Variations: 4 x 10-20 repetitions


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